Fiber Dowels

Fiberglass dowels and fiberglass tie-bars for road construction.

Cheaper, Stronger, CO2 friendly and fast delivery!


Please contactBenefits of Fiber Dowels
Up to 4 times lighter than steel dowels and tie-bars
Higher tensile strength than steel dowels and tie-bars
Quick delivery!
Environment friendly and more sustainable
Cheaper than steel dowels and tie-bars
Longer life span

Fiberglass dowels and tie-bars

Of course, the traditional dowels and tie-bars do what they are meant to do in road construction. But if you want to be truly future-proof and take a step forward in durability and quality, Fiber Dowels is where you need to be. Fiberglass dowels and fiberglass tie-bars for concrete paving, GFRC. Fiber Dowels is the exclusive seller of fiberglass dowels and fiberglass tie-bars throughout Europe.

Our products


Fiberglass dowels

  • Glasvezel deuvels diameter 25 — 500 millimeter bestellen
  • Glasvezel deuvels diameter 25 — 600 millimeter bestellen
  • The other fiberglass dowels can be found under Buy Fiber glass dowels

Fiberglass tie-bars

  • Fiberglass tie-bars diameter 16 — 600 millimeters
  • Fiberglass tie-bars, diameter 16 — 800 millimeters
  • De overige glasvezel koppelstaven en ankerstaven zijn te vinden onder Glasvezel koppelstaven bestellen

Satisfied customers


The Roos Groep is a company that has been active in road construction for a long time.
They have already started using the fiberglass dowels diameter 25 in both lenghts.
The fiberglass dowels 25/500 for the Netherlands and 25/600 for the Belgian projects.

What to expect from Fiber Dowels

Highly experienced in constructing roads

Our team has been in the business for over 60 years. Our own experiences are incorporated in the fiberglass dowels and fiberglass connecting rods. Lighter, easier and CO2 friendly. Employees won't want to go back to the traditional dowels.

High quality products

We are convinced about our products. High quality fiberglass dowels and fiberglass reinforcement bars / tie-bars for in-road construction delivered within three days! Check the product specifications on the page fiberglass dowels or fiberglass reinforcement bars / tie-bars.

Sustainable dowels for road construction

Sustainability is already important and this will only become more important in the coming years. Our dowels and Order reinforcement bars / tie-bars are more durable and Co2-friendly than the traditional steel dowels. 

Lighter dowels and reinforcement bars

Finding and keeping employees satisfied in road construction is a difficult task. To make their work as easy as possible, these fiberglass dowels are lighter and with have a higher tensile strength. 

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Generation of Fiber Dowels

Fiber Dowels is ontstaan vanuit de vraag naar duurzame, lichte en sterke deuvels voor in de wegenbouw. Vervolgens zijn we ook aan de slag gegaan met glasvezel ankerstaven. Verschillende maten en diameters zijn op verzoek mogelijk.

Fiberglass vs Steel

  • 4 Times lighter

  • Cheaper in transport

  • No corrosion possible

  • Higher tensile strength

  • Longer life span


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