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Glass fibre dowels are available in various diameters and lengths. In the construction industry, steel dowels are now mainly used. These dowels are coated so they do not adhere to the concrete. The glass fiber dowels supplied by Fiber Dowels are smooth by nature. Therefore, no adhesion can occur with the concrete. Therefore, the concrete pavement can expand and contract without cracking when temperatures change. Our standard dowels can be ordered in sizes 25/500 and 22/500 (diameter/length) for the Dutch road construction market. For the Belgian market, the glass fibre dowels are available in 25/600 and 22/600 (diameter/length). All other sizes are available in consultation.



    Overpaying for fiberglass dowels or fiberglass rebars is history!

    What are fiberglass dowels?

    Fiberglass dowels are round, mint-colored rods that are placed at transverse joints in a concrete pavement. A glass fibre dowel ensures that the concrete can shrink and expand at different temperatures. The dowel is always placed in the middle of the thickness of the concrete. At the time the pavement is 25 cm thick, dowels or dowel seats will be placed at a height of 12.5 cm.



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      Fiberglass vs Steel

      • 4 times lighter

      • Up to 5 times faster placed
      • Cheaper in transport

      • No corrosion possible

      • Longer life span