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What is a rebar

"A rebars is a bar made of profiled reinforcing steel or fiberglass that is inserted into a concrete pavement. Rebars or tie-bars are applied at the level of a longitudinal joint. Coupling bars are applied in concrete pavements to prevent the plates from separating, for example due to temperature variations. The profiled bars are applied adhesively and thus connect the plates in the concrete pavement and transfer tensile forces.



    Overpaying for fiberglass dowels or fiberglass rebars is history!

    Fiberglass rebars or reinforcement bars

    The Dutch construction market calls it rebars, the Belgian construction market has given it the name of anchor bars. In short, two names for the same product with the aim ofpreventingthehorizontal separation of the concrete slabs.

    The construction industry has been using heavy steel products for decades. These are not work-friendly, pollute the environment and are also very sensitive to price changes. Fiber Dowels offers the solution. Fibre-glass Rebars that are environmentally friendly, quick to install and easy to transport.  



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      Fiberglass vs Steel

      • 4 times lighter

      • Up to 5 times faster placed

      • Cheaper in transport

      • No corrosion possible

      • Longer life span