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Fiberglass rebars or reinforcement bars

The Dutch road construction market calls it tie rods, the Belgian road construction market has given it the name anchor rods. In short 2 names for the same product with the purpose ofpreventing the horizontal dispersion of the concrete slabs.

Steel rebars are used for a long time. Fiber Dowels offers these as fiberglass rebars. Lighter, stronger and for a competitive price. 



    Overpaying for fiberglass dowels or fiberglass rebars is history!

    Advantages of fiber glass dowels, fiber glass rebars and fiber glass dowel baskets.

    4 times lighter than steel

    Fiberglass dowels and fiberglass rebars are up to four times lighter than steel. That means less labour and satisfied personnel.

    Environment friendly

    The production of fiber glass dowels and fiber glass rebars produces less CO2 in comparison to the iron version. This has a positive effect on the environment.

    No corrosion possible

    Steel reacts with water, causing it to rust. On the other hand, fiber glass is not susceptible to corrosion, which results in a longer service life.

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    Higher breakingpoint

    We have tested the fiber glass dowel's breakingpoint and the results came out higher than the traditional steel dowel.

    High tensile strength

    The tensile strength of the glass fibredowel is higher compared to iron:
    glass fibre dowel: 600 - 1600 n/mm2 compared to
    steel dowel: 200-550 n/mm2

    Resistant to chemicals

    Chloride and phosphates do not affect the fiber glass rebars or dowels. 

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    No loss of strength

    The fiberglass dowel or fiberglass rebars does not lose strength at low temperatures. The iron dowel or coupling rod at high temperatures do differ.

    Radio Transparent

    The material does not conduct radio waves, making the fiberglass dowels easier to use in sensitive environments.

    Higher flexural strength

    The fiber glass dowels have a flexural strength than steel dowels.

    Dowel racks

    Diameter tolerance

    A fiber glass dowel is always +/- 0.3 mm accurate in terms of curvature compared to steel which is close to +/- 0.5 mm.

    Thermal conductivity

    The thermal conductivity of the composite is 100 times lower than steel. 


    The material is diamagnetic and therefore has a repulsive force.

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    Fiberglass vs Steel

    • 4 times lighter

    • Up to 5 times faster placed
    • Cheaper in transport

    • No corrosion possible

    • Longer life span