Fiberglass dowels in Turnhout
Fiberglass dowels in Turnhout

Fiberglass rebars delivered in Reppel

For a project in Reppel, Belgium 450 Fiberglass rebars were delivered.

This roadway was constructed mechanically and the rebars were used to anchor the roadway. During the pouring, these 450 rebars were inserted manually. Due to the light weight of the rebars, they were installed much faster than steel rebars.

 In Belgium, the 16/800 size is the most commonly used. Although these products are not yet included in the standard specifications for Belgium, the rebars were already allowed to be used there. We expect our products to be added to the specifications in the very near future. Request quotations now so that you can still use our products this year. 

As the price of steel goes up, the products are not only lighter and more environmentally friendly but also CHEAPER!