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The fiberglass dowels are available in different diameters and lengths.  In road construction, steel dowels are now mainly used. These dowels are being encased with a coating that prevents them from binding to the concrete. The fiberglass dowels supplied by Fiber Dowels are smooth. Because of this, no adhesion can occur with the concrete. The concrete paving can therefore expand and shrink at temperature differences without cracking. Our standard dowels can be ordered in the sizes 25/500 and 22/500 (diameter/length) for the Dutch market. For the Belgian market, the fiberglass dowels can be obtained in 25/600 and 22/600 (diamater/length)



    Overpaying much more for fiberglass dowels or fiberglass tie-bars is history!

    Advantages of fiberglass dowels and fiberglass reinforcement bars

    4 times lighter than steel

    Fiberglass dowels and fiberglass tie-bars are up to 4 times lighter than steel. So less labor and satisfied staff.

    Environment friendly

    The production of fibreglass dowels and Fiberglass tie-bars produces less CO2 than the iron version. Which in turn has a positive effect on the environment.

    No corrosion possible

    Steel naturally reacts with water, causing it to rust. Fibreglass is not susceptible to corrosion so has a longer service life

    Higher breakingpoint

    We have tested the fiber glass dowel's breakingpoint and the results came out higher than the traditional steel dowel.

    High tensile strength

    In comparison to the steel dowel, the tensile strength of the fiberglass dowel is a lot higher.
    Fiberglass dowel: 600 – 1600 N/mm2 versus
    Steel dowel: 200-550 N/mm2

    Resistant to chemicals

    Chloride and phosphates do not affect the fiberglass connecting rods or fiberglass dowels, compared to steel that is naturally affected.

    No loss of strength

    The fiberglass dowel or fiberglass tie-bar doesn't lose strength at low temperatures. The strength of a steel dowel or tie-bar can varie at high differences in temperature.

    Radio Transparent

    The material conducts radio waves. Allowing the fiberglass dowels to be applied easier in sensitive environments.

    Higher flexural strength

    The fiberglass dowels have a flexural strength than steel dowels.

    Diameter tolerance

    A fibreglass dowel is always accurate to +/- 0.1 mm in terms of curvature. Compared to steel that is closely inspected, it is +/- 0.5 mm.

    Thermal conductivity

    The thermal conductivity of the composite is 100 times lower than that of steel. Thermal conductivity indicates how well the material conducts heat


    The material is diamagnetic and therefore has a repelling force.

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    Generation of Fiber Dowels

    Fiber Dowels is ontstaan vanuit de vraag naar duurzame, lichte en sterke deuvels voor in de wegenbouw. Vervolgens zijn we ook aan de slag gegaan met glasvezel ankerstaven. Verschillende maten en diameters zijn op verzoek mogelijk.

    Fiberglass vs Steel

    • 4 Times lighter

    • Cheaper in transport

    • No corrosion possible

    • Higher tensile strength

    • Longer life span


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