Fibreglass dowels in Turnhout

Anchor rods placed in Reppel

In Reppel we delivered rebars for a lane of 6 meters wide. The rebars are used to anchor 2 different lanes to each other. 

Fibreglass dowels in Turnhout

Fibreglass dowels and connecting rods in Turnhout

We supplied fibreglass dowels and anchor rods for a 4-metre-wide carriageway in Turnhout. Read on for details. 

Project in Ham

For a concrete floor in Ham, we supplied 1335 fibreglass dowels and approximately 150 fibreglass tie-bars. 

Fiberglass vs Steel

  • 4 times lighter

  • Up to 5 times faster placed
  • Cheaper in transport

  • No corrosion possible

  • Longer life span