Dowel racks DP World

Fiber Dowels has assembled and delivered 250 dowel chairs for Roos Group. Also 1100 tie rods have been delivered. The installation of the dowel chairs went 55% faster than with the steel version.

Dowel baskets

Dowel racks Arenkdonk

Fiber Dowels has assembled and delivered a full truckload of dowel seats for Mols N.V. An order we are proud of. 120 dowel chairs placed on 1 pallet. 

Dowel baskets

Project in Zellik, Belgium

For a concrete floor in Zellik, our glass fibre dowel baskets were used. Faster to install, more solid than steel and the dowels are always horizontal. 

Fiberglass dowels in Turnhout

Rebars placed in Reppel

In Reppel we delivered rebars for a lane of 6 meters wide. The rebars are used to anchor 2 different lanes to each other. 

Fiberglass dowels in Turnhout

Fibreglass dowels and rebars in Turnhout

We supplied fibreglass dowels and rebars for a 4-metre-wide carriageway in Turnhout. Read on for details. 

Project in Ham

For a concrete floor in Ham, we supplied 1335 fiberglass dowels and approximately 150 fiberglass tie-bars.  

Fiberglass vs Steel

  • 4 times lighter

  • Up to 5 times faster placed
  • Cheaper in transport

  • No corrosion possible

  • Longer life span