Fiber Dowels - FAQ

Customized Advice

Is it possible for an engineer to come over for customized advice?

Actually, this is never necessary. An engineer can make calculations from a distance to indicate which products should be used.

What are the costs for customized advice from an engineer?

This depends on the project. If you need help with this, we can make a suitable quote or get in touch with us.


Can you also help with the execution?

Fiber Dowels products were developed with the help of a construction specialist. They also assist with the further development of our products. Help during execution is often not necessary, as you can easily download technical sheets to manage on your own. If you do need help, you can always contact us by phone.

Free samples

Do you offer free samples?

Yes, you can easily request your free sample via the website. Select which products you would like to receive, and we will make sure they are sent your way.

Is there a limit to how many samples I can request for free?

We send a fixed number of samples your way after your request. If you would like to receive more samples, this can be done for a reasonable price!


Are your products environmentally friendly?

Sustainability and being environmentally friendly are very important during the development of our products. Our dowel baskets and rebars are therefore made from recycled plastic. In addition, our products are very light, which allows more to be transported in one go. Less emission means less pollution. A win-win, if you ask us.

How is fiberglass recyclable?

Our products can go directly into the crusher after breaking up a concrete pavement. The fibers can be used directly again in a new concrete mix. If necessary, these fibers can also be separated from the broken concrete by wind.

Fiberglass Vs. Steel

Is fiberglass as strong as steel?

Fiberglass is even stronger than steel. It can handle twice as much tensile strength. Want to know more? Check out our fiberglass Vs. steel comparison.

Isn’t fiberglass much more expensive than steel?

Fiberglass is very competitive in price compared to steel nowadays. Using our dowel baskets can even be cheaper.
This is mainly due to the savings that can be achieved by reducing time and transportation means.

For example, an employee can carry 10 racks at once compared to 2 employees needed to carry a steel rack with dowels. Moreover, our fiberglass dowel baskets come pre-assembled with the dowels on them. This allows you to place the racks directly at the project site.
Employees can thus take a pallet of dowel racks on a trailer and place them directly, which can save up to 50% in costs.


How quickly can you deliver?

If the products are in stock, we can often deliver within a few days. In the Netherlands or Belgium, it can sometimes be the next day. In other countries, we depend on the transport time and the quantity of products you need.

About Us

What is the story behind Fiber Dowels?

We started Fiber Dowels to ensure that less steel needs to be used in concrete. Additionally, it is hard to find employees in the construction industry, so we must take care of those who are active in it. By using our products, these employees need to lift less, making their days a bit shorter and less strenuous. Read all about us.


Do you have a franchise model?

We work with exclusive agents and distributors. Depending on the region you want to be active in and the network you have in the market, there are certainly opportunities. Our partnerships are very important for growth and a sustainable world. Discover the franchise opportunities.

What are the requirements and costs to become a franchisee?

Having a network and experience in the market is a plus. We start our partnerships without a minimum purchase obligation. However, after 6 months, we will evaluate this together and will set targets. If you want to start as a distributor, we ask you to make an estimate of the quantities you will sell in the first year. These quantities must then be purchased.


Do you have a CE marking?

At the moment, we do not have a CE marking. We are busy with the ETA (European Technical Assessment), and we are in the final phase, so we are waiting for the last signatures before we get this. With this certificate, we prove that we meet European requirements. Then, we can choose to voluntarily obtain a CE marking.

Have your products been added to the RAW in the Netherlands or the Standard specification 250 in Belgium?

Our products have been added in Belgium since June 2021. We have conducted various tests, such as in Turnhout, where we have shown that fiberglass is just as good as steel. With the so-called falling weight test, we have shown that the load transfer of our dowels also meets the set requirements, which has led to the products being added to the SB250. In the Netherlands, CROW has not yet added our products to the RAW. Hopefully, this is just a matter of time.


Can I just apply your products?

We have created a technical sheet that precisely states how you can apply our products. In many cases, it is the same as the steel variant. Sometimes you are lucky that you can save on diameters because you can go thinner. We always advise to have an engineer calculate this. We can arrange this for you if necessary.

How can I apply your products in a specification I need to write?

Check out our specification page where you can copy everything one-to-one to apply our products to your project.

Which size of your products should I apply?

Each country has its own requirements for dowels, dowel baskets, rebars and rebar baskets. We can tell you what other parties in the respective country apply, but to really know what you should apply, an engineer needs to make a calculation.

Can I apply fiberglass dowels or fiberglass rebars on steel baskets/chairs?

This is certainly possible. For the sizes we currently cannot provide in our fiberglass variant, you can use steel. Our dowels and rebars have a fixed diameter, so with the correct size steel baskets, you can use them together perfectly.