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Fiberglass dowels are mint-colored rods that are placed in transverse joints in concrete pavements. Because the dowel are made of fiberglass, it allows the concrete to shrink and expand at different temperatures. Additionally, it has many advantages that steel dowels do not possess.


Fiberglass dowels offer many different advantages that enhance any project. Below, they are listed for you:


A fiberglass dowel is up to 4 times lighter than its steel counterpart. This makes their installation much less labor-intensive, keeping the workforce satisfied.

Environmentally friendly

the production of fiberglass dowels is much greener than that of the steel variant. Producing fiberglass dowels generates considerably less CO2 than steel dowels. Besides that, because the dowels are lightweight, transportation costs are lower. As more dowels can be transported on one vehicle.


Corrosion is one of the major drawbacks of steel. It reacts to water, eventually leading to rust and a shorter lifespan. Fiberglass dowels are not affected by corrosion, resulting in a longer lifespan.

Technical specifications

Fiberglass is not only an environmentally responsible choice but also a lightweight and extremely durable material that offers even more advantages compared to steel. With a tensile strength of 1000 MPa and a composition consisting of 70% fibers, it provides extraordinary performance. Furthermore, fiberglass is completely impervious to radio waves and can provide a higher tensile strength ranging from 600 to 1600 N/mm2. As a cherry on top, it has a thermal conductivity of only 0.25%. Want to learn more about the technical specifications compared to steel? Check out our Fiberglass vs. Steel comparison!

Glasvezel deuvels 500/25GV-D5002525mm500mm
Glasvezel deuvels 600/25GV-D6002525mm600mm
Glasvezel deuvels 500/30GV-D5003030mm500mm
Glasvezel deuvels 600/30GV-D6003030mm600mm
Glasvezel deuvels 500/40GV-D5004040mm500mm
Glasvezel deuvels 600/40GV-D6004040mm600mm

Applications and areas of application for fiberglass dowels

Fiberglass dowels are placed in transverse joints in concrete pavements. They ensure proper load transfer in expansion joints or contraction joints, preventing the formation of steps and improving driving comfort. This immediately indicates where they can be applied, such as in road construction. The dowel’s thickness is determined by the load and the hardening of the concrete.

Additionally, there are other products that can be used, such as fiberglass dowel baskets, fiberglass rebars, and T-FORMs.

Recent projects

Fiberglass dowels can be applied in a wide range of projects. Fiber Dowels has already completed several projects in which fiberglass dowels were used. Here are a few examples:

Fiber Dowels - Project - Fiberglass dowels Ham

Fiberglass dowels applied in Ham

For a project in Ham, Belgium 1335 fiberglass dowels and 150 fiberglass tie-bars were delivered.
Fiber Dowels - Project - Fiberglass dowels Turnhout

Fibreglass dowels supplied in Turnhout

For a project in Turnhout, Belgium, 4000 fiberglass dowels and 350 fiberglass rebars were delivered.

Why you should work with the fiberglass dowels of Fiber Dowels

Fiber Dowels’ fiberglass dowels offer numerous advantages that surpass those of steel. They are environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, and lighter. These benefits contribute to making projects more sustainable, faster, and more cost-effective.