Fiberglass vs steel

Fiber Dowels / Fiberglass vs steel
Fiber Dowels - Fiberglass vs steel

Fiberglass is stronger and more durable than steel in many ways. Discover all the aspects in which fiberglass offers more advantages than its steel counterpart.

How strong is fiberglass compared to steel?

In the table below, you will find all the properties compared between fiberglass and steel. You can see all the benefits fiberglass has to offer.

Fiber Dowels


Diameter tolerance0,3 mm +/-
Density2000 kg/m3
Fiber volume content70% fibers
Tensile strength1000 Mpa
E-modulus54 Gpa
corrosion resistantYes
Weight400 gr
Higher tensile strength600 – 1600 N/mm2
Chloride and phosphate resistantYes
Guidance radio wavesNo
Thermal conductivity0,25%
SustainabilityFull cradle to cradle
Fiber Dowels - Fiberglass vs steel


Diameter tolerance0,5 mm +/-
Density7800 kg/m3
Fiber volume content99% steel
Tensile strength250 Mpa
E-modulus210 Gpa
corrosion resistantNo
Weight1200 gr
Higher tensile strength200 – 550 N/mm2
Chloride and phosphate resistantNo
Guidance radio wavesYes
Thermal conductivity48% tot 58%
SustainabilityFull cradle to cradle

The drawbacks of steel

Although steel has played a significant role in construction and manufacturing for a long time, it is not without drawbacks.

Risks of corroded steel

A significant danger associated with steel is its vulnerability to corrosion. When exposed to environmental elements, steel can degrade over time, leading to structural weaknesses and unsafe situations. This necessitates costly maintenance or replacement.

Relatively expensive

Compared to alternative materials like fiberglass, steel can be more expensive, both in initial costs and over the entire lifecycle due to maintenance and corrosion prevention.

High conductivity

The high conductivity of steel makes it less suitable for applications involving electricity, posing potential risks and limitations in certain usage scenarios.

The benefits of fiberglass

Fiberglass emerges as a convincing and worthy alternative to steel, with several advantages.

Environmentally friendly

Fiberglass is known for its environmental friendliness; it requires less energy to produce and is recyclable, contributing to a lower environmental impact.

Optimal density

With a density of around 2000 kg/m3, fiberglass offers an optimal balance of strength and weight, making it suitable for a wide range of projects and applications.

4x higher tensile strength

Fiberglass has a tensile strength up to four times higher than that of steel, providing exceptional durability and resistance to stretching or breaking under tension.

Corrosion resistant

Unlike steel, fiberglass is designed for long-term durability and is resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for use in harsh conditions where water and/or salt is involved.  

4x lighter

Fiberglass is significantly lighter than steel, four times lighter even, reducing transportation costs and facilitating easier handling and installation.

Lower labor intensity and increased productivity with Fiber Dowels products

Due to the lightweight nature of our fiberglass products, labor intensity is drastically reduced. An employee can carry approximately 10 dowel baskets including dowels. This also increases productivity as projects can be completed much more efficiently and therefore faster.

A fun fact

Did you know that with Fiber Dowels fiberglass products, employees were able to lay 40% more dowel baskets in 1 day than if they had used the steel variant?


Is fiberglass stronger than steel?

Yes, fiberglass has better properties in terms of tensile strength compared to steel, making it more applicable and resilient.

What is the difference between fiberglass and metal?

The main differences lie in their composition, weight, durability, and resistance to corrosion, with fiberglass often offering advantages in these areas.

Is fiberglass cheaper than steel?

Generally, fiberglass can be cheaper than steel, especially when considering long-term maintenance and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, fiberglass is so light that it can be transported more efficiently, making it even cheaper.

What are the disadvantages of fiberglass?

In terms of properties required for its intended applications, fiberglass has no disadvantages compared to steel.

How long does fiberglass last?

Fiberglass products can last for decades, with a lifespan often surpassing that of steel, especially when exposed to corrosive environments.

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