Fiber Dowels - Product - T-form

A T-FORM is the mold used in concrete casting to ensure that the poured concrete stays the right place. Often, these are made of steel or wood, but that’s no longer the case today. The T-FORMs from Fiber Dowels represent an innovation in the world of sustainable and effective formwork. This article provides all the information you need to know!


Fiber Dowels’ T-FORMs come with several unique advantages that have a positive impact compared to steel or wooden formwork. Here are some key points:

Environmental friendliness

The T-FORM is made from robust 100% recycled uPVC, making it environmentally friendly and minimizing CO2 emissions in comparison to their steel counterparts.


Being made of uPVC, they are more than 80% lighter than steel molds. This makes them easier to handle and use.


In addition to ease of use and handling, the T-FORM also features a detachable top strip that doesn’t need to be removed after pouring. The detachable top strip allows for the easy insertion of a riser strip, creating a pour profile up to 25mm in height.

Technical specifications

T-FORM pouring profiles are available in different shapes. There’s the K35, suitable for concrete floors ranging from 50-100mm in thickness. If you need something taller, there’s the K85, suitable for concrete floors between 100-140mm. For even taller applications, there’s the K135 model, designed for concrete floors between 150-225mm. Additionally, you can add the riser strip, which increases the profile by 25mm. If you need a corner connection, that’s available as well. The corner connections in the top strip work perfectly with the K85 and K135, providing a smooth joint.

T-FORM K1352800mm155mm135mm
T-FORM K852800mm155mm85mm
Ophoog strips2800mm25 – 50mm
Ophoog strips2800mm10mm

Applications and areas of application for Fiberglass T-FORM

T-FORMs excel in concrete floor applications, enabling continuous concrete pouring. They are also easy to connect together, eliminating the need to worry about pre-drilled dowel holes. They are suitable for all sizes of floors, ranging from 50 to 225mm, using different models and riser strips.

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Why you should work with the Fiberglass T-FORM of Fiber Dowels

In addition to its versatility, T-FORM offers various extensions such as corner connections and riser strips. Moreover, it is lighter, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. These unique characteristics ensure the success of any project.