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The first fiberglass dowel baskets that possess better properties than steel dowel baskets. Fiberglass dowel baskets are lighter, easier to transport, and simpler to use compared to their steel counterparts. Fiber Dowels owns the patent design, making it that they are only produced by us and pre-assembled. The benefits of fiberglass dowel baskets are endless.


Fiberglass dowel baskets offer numerous advantages and characteristics that make them a winning product. Here are some of the key benefits:


One issue with steel is corrosion, as it reacts with water and forms rust, weakening the steel and reducing its durability. In contrast, fiberglass is not susceptible to any form of corrosion, making it stronger and more durable.


Fiberglass is generally about four times lighter than steel, making it easier and quicker to install. The dowels baskets are also pre-assembled, making it so that an employee can easily carry 7 baskets into a hall. This results in less physical strain on workers, reducing labor costs and keeping employees satisfied.


The production of fiberglass is greener than its steel counterpart, as steel production emits more CO2. Coupled with fiberglass’s corrosion resistance, this leads to a greener and more sustainable product.

Technical specifications

Fiberglass is not only an environmentally friendly choice but also a material that excels in terms of lightweight and durability, offering even more advantages over steel. With an impressive tensile strength of 1000 MPa and a composition consisting of 70% fibers, it delivers exceptional performance. Moreover, fiberglass is completely impervious to radio waves and can provide tensile strengths ranging from 600 to 1600 N/mm2. As an added bonus, it has a thermal conductivity of only 0.25%. Curious about the technical specifications compared to steel? Check out our Fiberglass vs. Steel comparison for more information!

Fiberglass dowel baskets 500/25GV-DR5002525mm500mm1,50 – 1,80m10 – 12 – 17cm250 – 300mm
Fiberglass dowel baskets 600/25GV-DR6002525mm600mm1,50 – 1,80m10 – 12 – 17cm250 – 300mm
Fiberglass dowel baskets 500/30GV-DR5003030mm500mm1,50 – 1,80m10 – 12 – 17cm250 – 300mm
Fiberglass dowel baskets 600/30GV-DR6003030mm600mm1,50 – 1,80m10 – 12 – 17cm250 – 300mm

Applications and areas of application for Fiberglass Dowel Baskets

Fiberglass dowel baskets are used to place dowels for concrete pavements. The design of the fiberglass chairs allows concrete slabs to have enough room to move within the dowel baskets. The dowels ensure proper load transfer in contraction or expansion joints, preventing issues like step formation and ensuring optimal driving comfort. The dowel thickness is determined based on the pavement’s load.

The dowel baskets are available in multiple configurations. They are available with spacings of 25 or 30 centimeters. With 5 or 6 dowels pre-assembled and for diameter 25 and 30.

In addition to dowel baskets, there are many other fiberglass products, such as fiberglass rebars, fiberglass dowels, and T-FORM.

Recent projects

Fiberglass dowel baskets can be used in various ways. To illustrate this, we’ve described some of our impressive projects below:

Fiber Dowels - Project - Fiberglass dowels Ham

Fiberglass dowels applied in Ham

For a project in Ham, Belgium 1335 fiberglass dowels and 150 fiberglass tie-bars were delivered.
Fiber Dowels - Project - Fiberglass baskets Zellik

Fiberglass baskets used in Zellik, Belgium

For a project in Zellik, Belgium, fibreglass dowel baskets were supplied by Fiber Dowels.

Why you should work with the Fiberglass Dowel Baskets of Fiber Dowels

Fiberglass dowel baskets from Fiber Dowels offer numerous advantages that are better and stronger compared to steel alternatives. They are more durable, have a longer lifespan, are corrosion-resistant, lighter, and quicker to install. These combined benefits lead to faster, more sustainable, and cost-effective project completion.

A fun fact

Did you know that fiberglass is also chemically resistant? Chlorides and phosphates do not harm fiberglass.