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In today’s construction industry, innovation plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to materials that are both sustainable and cost-effective. Our fiber reinforced products are relatively new in the market and offer a promising solution for strengthening concrete structures. Discover the unique benefits and applications of fiberglass reinforced concrete, from technical specifications to impressive reference projects. Find out why our fiber reinforced products are a smart choice for your next construction project.

Applications and areas of application for fiberglass products

The reinforcement of concrete with fiber-reinforced products brings numerous benefits and has a wide range of applications. Here are a few to introduce you to our fiber reinforced products:

Fiber Dowels - Product - Fiber dowels

Fiberglass dowels

Extremely easy to use and drill into
Fiberglass dowels
Fiber Dowels - Product - Fiberglass dowel baskets

Fiberglass dowel baskets

These are exceptionally lightweight, making them easy to handle. One worker can easily carry 10 baskets down a hallway, speeding up installation on a project. They are also stackable, allowing for the transportation of 1000 meters without heavy equipment or machinery. At last, Fiber Dowels has the patent design of the fiberglass dowel baskets, making them a one of a kind!
Fiberglass dowel baskets
Fiber Dowels - Product - Fiberglass reinforcement bars

Fiberglass Rebar (GFRP)

Rebars are commonly used in concrete pavements. The advantage of our tie bars is that they are quick and easy to install.
Fiberglass Rebar (GFRP)
Fiber Dowels - Product - T-form


The plastic alternative that is faster and more effective than steel or wooden formwork. The molding profile enables quick and simple formwork, and with the raising pieces, they are suitable for thicknesses between 50 and 225 millimeters.

Technical specifications

Apart from being environmentally friendly, lighter, and more resistant, fiberglass has other positive effects compared to steel. It boasts a tensile strength of up to 1000 MPa, comprises 70% fibers, and does not conduct radio waves. Additionally, it enjoys a higher tensile strength ranging from 600 to 1600 N/mm² and has a thermal conductivity of only 0.25%. Want to know more about the various technical specifications compared to steel? Check out the Fiberglass vs. Steel comparison!


Fiber reinforced products have numerous advantages ranging from technical specifications to durability. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you, so here are some of the key benefits:

Environmentally friendly

Compared to traditional steel counterparts, the production of fiberglass dowels and rebars releases significantly less CO2, making a positive impact on the environment.


The same fiberglass dowels and tie bars are up to 4 times lighter than conventional steel, reducing labor intensity and keeping the workforce satisfied.

Corrosion resistance

Steel always reacts to water, leading to rust and eventual loss of strength. fiberglass, being non-reactive, makes corrosion simply impossible.

Chemical resistance

In addition to corrosion resistance, it is also chemically resistant. Substances like chloride and phosphates have no effect on fiberglass dowels and tie bars; they remain unaffected.

Why you should work with the products of Fiber Dowels

There are many benefits that our fiberglass products offer over steel. They are environmentally friendly, lighter, more cost-effective, and facilitate quicker installation, resulting in faster project completion. There are no downsides to consider. Furthermore, Fiber Dowels has all the tools to help you make your project lighter, better, and faster!

Recent projects

The diverse range of applications and areas of use has resulted in many impressive projects. Here are a few of our leading projects:

Fiber Dowels - Project - Glass fiber reinforcement and glass fiber tie-bars applied

Fiberglass reinforcement and fiberglass rebars applied

In this project, fiberglass reinforcement and fibreglass tie-bars were used during the mechanical installation of concrete with a concrete paver.
Fiber Dowels - Project - Fiberglass dowel baskets container terminal

Fiberglass dowel baskets delivered at Container terminal

Fiberglass dowel baskets were supplied for a client who was required to construct concrete pavement at DP world.