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Our Story

Fiber Dowels was founded  to ease the work of employees in the construction industry. The demand for skilled personnel continues to grow, which is why we must cherish the employees already active in this sector. These empoloyees are working with steel in the construction industry for many years. Although this raw material has many good properties and lasts for years, it also brings numerous disadvantages. We felt it was time to provide a solution to this.

In 2019, our owner, Tom Roos, started Fiber Dowels. What began as a company with 2 products is evolving into a full-fledged supplier of lightweight, environmentally friendly, and practical building materials. With a team that has been active in the construction industry for over 65 years, we have the experience and expertise to devise suitable solutions for construction needs.

Fiber Dowels - About Fiber Dowels - Tom Roos

In short

Active since 2019

Active in 8+ countries

65 years of experience

4 innovative and environmentally friendly products


Our mission is to exclusively use lightweight, CO2-friendly building materials in the future. Our products are easy and light to use, making them quicker to install, resistant to rust hence extending the lifespan in concrete, and are either made from recycled materials or are easily recyclable.

What to Expect from Us

We believe in our products. High-quality plastic building materials for construction, delivered quickly! Check out our products on the main products page. To provide you with the best quality, we do the following:

  • Regular research and testing
  • Patented dowel baskets 2021
  • Patented rebar baskets 2024
  • Obtained various quality certificates
  • Allowed alternative to steel dowels, dowel racks, and coupling rods
  • Specification change realized in the Belgian (BE) construction specifications, SB250

Our Partners

Our motto is “better together,” which is why we partnered with Repra to tackle this challenge since 2019. Repra is a supplier of other fiberglass products that can be used in construction.

Recent Projects

Our products are already being used in various projects around the world. Everyone appreciates efficiency and lightweight products if you ask us.

Fiber Dowels - Project - Glass fiber reinforcement and glass fiber tie-bars applied

Fiberglass reinforcement and fiberglass rebars applied

In this project, fiberglass reinforcement and fibreglass tie-bars were used during the mechanical installation of concrete with a concrete paver.
Fiber Dowels - Project - Fiberglass dowel baskets container terminal

Fiberglass dowel baskets delivered at Container terminal

Fiberglass dowel baskets were supplied for a client who was required to construct concrete pavement at DP world.

What our Customers say

Several builders have already preceded you and have been able to enjoy the benefits our products offer.

Thanks to the dowel baskets, our preparation is twice as fast, and we save costs.

Roos Groep

The stability offered by the products was surprisingly good for us. At first, we were a bit skeptical, but this works perfectly.


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