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Fiber Dowels - Blog - Fiberglass 4 times lighter than steel

The Fiber Dowels products are known for their light weight. A significant difference between the traditional steel dowels, rebars / tie-bars and dowel baskets. Several contractors have already noticed the difference. The advantage to be gained with these products already starts with the transport.

 To make a small comparison, when steel dowels are ordered, about 11,000 dowels fit into a full truck. Not because the loading space is full, but purely because the axles of the truck may not be subjected to any heavier loads. When the fiberglass dowels are ordered by truck, 40,000 dowels fit in.

The profit that can be achieved with the first transport is therefore already considerable. In terms of emissions, too, this will be a great advantage. Thesecond benefit can be achieved with the loading and unloading of the products. Because our products are four times lighter than the steel version, heavy equipment is not necessarily required. This immediately saves a machinist plus employee on the project.

 Once the dowels, rebars or dowel baskets have been placed on the project, they can of course be moved again without heavy equipment. And quickly too!

One employee can easily carry 3 times as many fiberglass dowels as steel dowels. And to make the comparison with our dowel baskets, normally 2 employees have to lift 1 dowel baskets so that it does not buckle. With our fiberglass baskets, 1 employee can lift up to 30 metres alone. This ensures that you need one less employee to walk out the dowel baskets on the project.

 Do you want to work in a more health and safety-conscious way and reduce your emissions as well? Then contact us now!

Fiber Dowels - Blog - Fiberglass 4 times lighter than steel