What is the CO2 performance ladder?

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Fiber Dowels - Blog - What is the CO2 performance ladder?

The CO2 Performance Ladder is the sustainability instrument of the Netherlands that helps organisations and governments to reduce CO2 and costs. Within the business operations, in projects and in the chain. The Ladder is used as a CO2 management system, as a tendering instrument and for enforcement. Organisations that obtain certification will recoup this investment by reducing, for example, energy costs, material savings and innovation gains. The CO2 ladder consists of 5 steps/levels. Once you are certified to level 3, you take the emissions of your own company into account. From level 4 onwards, you help to reduce CO2 emissions in the chain and other collaborations.

Advantages in a tender

Each certified company will be audited annually by an independent organization. Certified companies receive discounts on the tender price. The higher the step, the higher the discount. This can be high in the percentages. Apart from the fact that fibreglass Dowels or fibreglass Rebars from Fiber Dowels are available for the same amount of money as steel dowels, this can therefore give an extra advantage in money. Besides the fact that the money will be an advantage, the use of Fiberglass dowels or Fiberglass Rebars has a very positive effect on the CO2 emission ladder. Only on the transport of the dowels a profit will be made and the rest will be added to that. Curious about other benefits check out the benefits of fiberglass dowelspage.

Fiber Dowels - Blog - What is the CO2 performance ladder?