Fiber Dowels delivered to airfield paris Charles de Gaulle

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At Fiber Dowels, we understand the critical importance of seamless communication, especially in high-stakes environments like airfields or container terminals. That’s why we delivered our Fiber Dowels to this project from AER.

One of the first airfields who is choosing for innovative light weighted construction materials.
Key Benefits:

  • Unrivaled Communication Clarity: Say goodbye to disruptions in vital communication channels.
  • Enhanced Safety: Maintain optimal operational efficiency while prioritizing safety at every step.

Airports endure relentless wear and tear from heavy foot traffic, vehicle loads, and dynamic weather conditions. Concrete, the backbone of airport construction, forms the foundation upon which the entire operation rests. By incorporating Fiber Dowels into concrete structures, airports can bolster their resilience against structural degradation and ensure longevity. Fiber Dowels, composed of high-strength materials of glass fibers, reinforce concrete, significantly enhancing its tensile strength and crack resistance. This fortified infrastructure not only minimizes maintenance costs but also enhances safety for passengers and personnel alike.

Smooth transitions between runways, taxiways, and aprons are critical for efficient airport operations. Any disruption or damage to the concrete surface can lead to delays and safety hazards. Fiber Dowels, seamlessly integrated into concrete pavements and taxiways, offer a solution that ensures uninterrupted functionality. By providing products for reinforcement at vulnerable points prone to cracking and deterioration, Fiber Dowels maintain the structural integrity of concrete surfaces, reducing the need for costly repairs and minimizing downtime.

Curious about how much cost or emission savings we can achieve together? Then, please contact us directly.