Fiber Dowels baskets used in Deurne, Belgium

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In this project, the manual laying of a new concrete floor utilized the fiberglass dowel baskets from Fiber Dowels. During the project, it was chosen to use dowels in all of the joints, as various heavy vehicles will use them from all directions. Significant time savings can be achieved with our products for large concrete floors. An employee is capable of lifting approximately 10 dowel baskets including dowels. This is possible because our products are up to 4 times lighter than steel dowels and baskets.

Less manpower means lower costs. However, reduced personnel and time savings are not the only benefits of our products. Because the products are so lightweight, three times as many products can also be transported. To make a comparison with steel dowels, approximately 11,000 dowels fit in a truck compared to 40,000 fiberglass dowels.

Additionally, we choose to have our dowels pre-assembled on the dowel baskets. With 120 baskets on a pallet, this is easily transportable with a van and/or a trailer, resulting in reduced emissions. A win-win situation.

Curious about how much cost or emission savings we can achieve together? Then, please contact us directly.