What are the developments in the road construction market?

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Innovation is increasing in importance. Banks expects the sector to showcased its innovative capacity in five to ten years in partnership and will attach less importance to price setting. Medium-sized SMEs in soil, water and road construction are often innovative and thus increase their chances of procurement.

Price is expected to become an increasingly less important criterion in all forms of procurement. EMVI is used by many clients, where it is experienced that price is still the most important criterion. Although everyone in the road construction industry is calling for sustainability to become more important. Fiber Dowels now comes up with the desired solution. Fiberglass dowels and fiberglass rebars, which are durable and competitively priced!

That sustainability is more important in road construction is a given. An example of this is the concrete agreement, which states that 100% of the concrete (the components sand, gravel and cement) will be reused in 2030. This agreement has been voluntarily concluded in the industry.

One implication is that circular construction requires other expertise at the contractor and a strengthening of the business office with relevant knowledge.

In addition to the fact that the concrete itself will become more sustainable, the building materials will also last. Fiber Dowels’ rebars and dowels are at the forefront. At Fiber Dowels you can order the first fiberglass Dowels for a competitive price. Please contact us for rebars, dowels, dowel baskets, rebars baskets.

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